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Italy Seeks Investment Opportunities in Waste Management in Iran

 The Italian Investment and Technology Promotion Office (ITPO) of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) held an event in Rome, Italy, discussing “support to Iran’s SMEs through investment promotion and technology transfer in energy and environment”.

An Iranian delegation comprising of representatives of the Iranian private and public sector as well as Tehran Chamber of commerce attended this event that was hosted by the Italian Ministry of Environment, Land, and Sea. 

On the first day of this event, the topic of the discussions and talks revolved around “Investment Opportunities in Iranian Energy and Environment Sectors”. The Chairman of the Energy Commission of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Padidar who was representing Tehran Chamber of Commerce in this event delivered a speech on the topic of “Waste Management and Waste to Energy Opportunities and doing Business in Iran”, discussing the challenges and solutions to waste management in Iran, which was widely received by the audience. Mr. Padidar’s remarks, was followed by remarks made by a number of Italian firms illustrating some of the technologies they use in Waste-to-Energy field and how the technologies they use can be relevant for the case of Iran.

On the 2nd day of this event, a meeting was held with Iran-Italy Chamber of Commerce, in which the 125-year long history of the activities of Tehran Chamber of Commerce and its role in attracting foreign investors on the one hand and assisting the private sector in Iran on the other were reviewed. It was reported that 26% of Iran’s trades with Europe was with Italy in 2017. Further, the investment opportunities in Iran and the capacities that exist to collaborate with the Iranian private sector were explored and discussed by UNIDO ITPO Italy.

Moreover, the Brescia city council committed to collaborate with the Department of Environment of Gilan province of Iran in waste management and it was decided that the Energy Commission of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce would follow up on the progress of this process. 

The activities and discussions that took place in this 3-day event served to support the Iranian officials and private sector to boost the attractiveness of its local SME’s in the international market and also to identify and promote the opportunities that exist in the field of waste management and technology transfer.