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The European House-Ambrosetti hosts a High-Level Roundtable discussing the impacts of second wave of the US sanctions on Iran

The European House-Ambrosetti hosts a High-Level Roundtable discussing the impacts of second wave of the US sanctions on Iran


On December 13th, 2018 as part of the annual activities of the Iran-Italy Community Summit the European House – Ambrosetti held a high-level Roundtable to discuss the EU-Iran business relations in the aftermath of second wave of the US sanctions.

The aim of this Roundtable was to discuss and exchange insights and ideas on how to maintain and establish an economic engagement between EU and Iran upon reimposing of the sanctions and provide effective technical solutions that would help EU as well Iranian companies to maximize their interaction.

A highly prestigious guest list including European and Iranian business leaders, politicians and policy makers were gathered in this roundtable. Political figures including Andrea Barbaria and Luca Giansanti (from the ministry of foreign affairs of Italy), Hamid Bayat and Amir Masoud Miri(ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Italy) and Paolo Borzatta (from European House-Ambrosetti) delivered speeches in this roundtable illustrating the impacts of the US invasive sanctions on regulatory, financial and legal framework in doing business with Iran and identifying the areas (if any) in which remains a business opportunities for the EU companies to tap on.

Representing the business community prominent business leaders such including Bottone(Primetals technologies, Italy), Marina Carrea (Tenova, Italy), Valerio Maussier (Tenaris, Italy), Giorgio Milite (Ansalso Energia, Italy), Ignazio Moncada (ISA Capital Ltd., Italy), Ferial Mostofi (Chairwoman of KDD Group, Iran), Lapo Pistelli (ENI, Italy) made remarks on this roundtable discussed the possible solutions to effectively sustain the EU business engagement with Iran.

The overall aim of this roundtable was to demonstrate were the EU stands and what is its role in relation with Iran and what is the best way to react to the US reimposing of the sanctions on the one hand and on the other to seek possible ways to minimize the damages these sanctions will cost for EU-Iran business relation. As part of the Iran – Italy Summit Community, The European House – Ambrosetti organizes a high-level Roundtable to discuss the impact of US second wave of sanctions against Iran on Italian business and investors.