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Endowed with fertile, abundant soil and land, Iran has many agricultural opportunities to seek for.

Agriculture is one of the most important sectors of the Iranian economy, constituting about 13% of the GDP in 1395, 18% of the employed population .


  • More than 216156 people in employ of the sector, accounting for about 16.5 %( in1393) of the entire industry sector’s workforce, according to the Iranian Food Industry Organization.
  • With main export items of over $ 2.6 billion in 1395

Incentives for Investment

  • The income gained through investments made in the agriculture, horticulture, pisciculture, apiculture, hunting, fishing, sericulture, and the revival of pastures and forests, are exempted from all kinds of taxes. All the Iranian or foreign real, or legal entities will be subject to the exemption.
  • All the incomes gained through exportation of industrial products of the agriculture sector and their subsidiary industries, together with half of the incomes earned through exports of other products, aimed to achieve the objectives of non-oil exports, will be exempted from all kinds of taxations.