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Ultrasonic Technology and Intelligent Robotics Platform Disinfectant System

Cooperation and participation in the extraction of Melika marble building stone mine, Marketing and sales in the global market

Tehran's Municipality Investment Projects

Qom - Agriculture - Qanvat

Producing Petrol from Gas (GTL: Gas to Liquid)

Gas to Polypropylene (GTPP)

Converting Gas to Polypropylene

Gas to Methanol Plant

Methanol Production

Construction of Wide Steel Plate Production Unit

       Construction of Production Unit of Different Steel Sections in Sirjan


No. Project Sector Location
01  Melika Marble Building Stone Mine Mining Main Land 
02  Arman Rahavard aluminum raw materials (preparation and production) Industry Hormozgan
03  Bafgh's Iron and Steel (No. 1) Industry Yazd
04  Bafgh's Iron and Steel (No. 2) Industry Yazd
05  Kordestan's Steel Industry (No. 1) Industry Kordestan
06  Kordestan's Steel Industry (No. 2)  Industry Kordestan
07   Petroleum Coke Factory Industry Khuzestan 
08   Iran Alloy Steel (Yazd Project) 1 Industry Yazd
09   Iran Alloy Steel (Yazd Project) 2 Industry Yazd
10  Baugh-e Kasra Steel Industry Yazd
11  Torbat-e Heydariyeh Steel 1 Industry Razavi Khorasan
12  Torbat-e Heydariyeh Steel 2 Industry Razavi Khorasan
13  Aras Ferroalloy Complex Industry East Azarbaijan 
14  Arta Namin-e Sabz Industry Ardebil 
15  Kashi and Shengar Company Industry Sistan and Baluchestan
16  Hamoun Kavir Company Industry Sistan and Baluchestan
17  Ivan Zagros Steel Company Industry  Ilam
18  Orumiyeh Steel Industry  West Azarbaijan
19  Snond Azar Steel Manufacturer Industry  East Azarbaijan
20  Roshtkhar Steel Complex Industry Razavi Khorasan
21  Mahan Sepehr Alborz 1 Industry Razavi Khorasan
22  Mahan Sepehr Alborz 2 Industry Razavi Khorasan 
23  Saba Nur Industry Kurdestan
24  Zagros White Cement Development Industry Lorestan
25  Azna Steel and Iron Smelting Industry  Lorestan
26  Iran’s Ferroalloy Industry  Lorestan 
27  Equipping the Mine and Building the Lead and Zinc Factory in Mehdiabad (Phases 2 and 3) Industry  Yazd
28  Alverine Industry  Fars
29  Albagh Mine Equipment Mine North Khorasan
30  Iron Ore Packages Mine Based on Land-Use Planning
31  Gold Mining Packages Mine Based on Land-Use Planning
32  Insulated Solar Thermal Glass Production Industry Based on Land-Use Planning
33  Completion of Silica Value Chain Industry Based on Land-Use Planning
34  Completion of Decorative Stones Chain Industry Based on Land-Use Planning
35  Zagros Oil Refining Industry Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari
36  Mazandaran Oil Refining  Industry Mazandaran
37  Pishgaman Farayand Gaz-e Alvand-e Iranian Industry Khuzestan 
38  Petro Saman Zagros (GTTP)  Industry Ilam
39  Fateh Kimia Petrochemistry (GTTP) Industry Bushehr
40  Farhikhtegan Zarnam 2 Research Industrial Plant (Subject to Obtaining a Feed License) Industry Alborz
41  Saraj Gostaran Rajal Industry Bushehr
42  Golestan Petrochemistry Industry Golestan
43  Alvand Polypropylene Industry Markazi
44  Zanjan Agricultural and Fertilizer Industries Industry Zanjan
45  Petro-Faraz Houran Petrochemistry Industry Kermanshah
46  Petro-Kimiyay-e Ebn-e Sina Industry Khuzestan
47  Caron Phosphate 1 Industry Esfehan
48  Caron Phosphate 2 Industry Khuzestan
49  Sodium Carbonate Pasargad-e Bandar Abbas Industry Hormozgan
50  Arg-e Kerman Rubber Industrial Complex Industry Kerman
51  KavirTire Industry South Khorasan
52  Pishro Zagros-e Kermanshah Rubber Industry Industry Kermanshah
53  Expansion of Aria Tire Hamoun Industries Industry Sistan and Baluchestan
54  Electricity Production - Setorg-e Shargh Steel Plant Energy  Sistan and Baluchestan
55  Power Plants for the Purpose of  Carrying Persian Gulf Water for Electricity Production Energy Hormozgan
56  Persian Gulf Special Economic Zone Power Plant (Electricity Production) Energy Hormozgan
57  Almahdi Aluminium Company Energy Hormozgan
58  South Aluminium Company (SALCO) Energy Fars 
59  Khouzestan Steel Company Energy Khouzestan 
60  Development of Mines and Metals Energy Semnan 
61  Phase I of Iran Alumina (Electricity Production) Energy Markazi
62  Phase I of Iran Alumina (Electricity Production) Energy North Khorasan
63  Petrochemical Park Infrastructure  Ilam 
64  Automatic Packaging of Clothes and Textiles Industry Based on Land-Use Planning
65  Electrospinning and Fibres Production at the Nano Scale Industry Based on Land-Use Planning
66  Production of Textiles by Modern Technology Industry Based on Land-Use Planning
67  Using Artificial Intelligence in Fashion and Clothing Industry (Sizing, Design, Production, and Digitization) Industry   Based on Land-Use Planning