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Economic Freedom

Economic freedom is one of the important principles in assessing the development of countries' economies, which means opening up to individuals in different fields, ownership, work, and consumption.

To improve Iran's rank in the economic freedom index as a prerequisite for development and attracting foreign investment, the Tehran Chamber of Commerce Investment Services Center with the cooperation of the Canadian Ranking Institute of Fraser started an effort the previous year to prepare the economic freedom report of the country.

In this regard, it was decided that this center, as the custodian of the issue of economic freedom development of the country, will create the Department of Economic Freedom with a long-term view. Tehran Chamber of Tehran, as a representative of the private sector, will take serious action to demand its demands in this area.

 Considering that the Department of Economic Freedom needs to accompany various stakeholders in order to achieve the goal of improving the economic freedom index, specialized meetings were held to achieve a suitable model for designing and embedding the relevant mechanisms in accordance with the institutional environment of Iran and the executive of the chamber.   Based on the surveys, it was decided that in order to make a continuous improvement in the economic freedom index and in order for this project to become a sustainable institution, we should try to convince the community that this dream is worth pursuing and responding to problems and crises and creating a positive outlook, and through networking, we need to create financial, legal and social communication that continues.

Iran's relentless economic freedom index could be much better according to the country's economic capabilities and capabilities.  Since one of the missions of the Tehran Chamber is working and following up on the demand of the private sector from the government, coordination, and cooperation to implement the relevant laws and regulations of the country, as well as providing advice on how to reach better economic growth, is Center's mission in this regard. For this purpose, the Center is firmly working to increase Iran's international rank regarding this issue.