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At CIC, the constant evolution of high-quality services is considered as a fundamental value. With this in mind, our team’s professional background along with our close collaboration with local institutions such as Organization for Investment Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran, alongside our market experience, and international relations with top consulting institutions, enable us to better analyze our clients’ requirements following international standards, in terms of rapidity and efficiency and provide them with consultations that is tailored to their needs.


To set up a new business, you need to follow a number of steps starting with gathering information, exploring business climate, market research, business establishment, operation and expansion. At the center, we act as a platform for providing information, support and consultation in each of the following steps:

Exploration Phase

In this step, we support you by providing you with essential information about Iran, its economic sectors and market opportunities in form of an individual consultation session, our events or via digital tools. In a free and individually personalized consultation session, our advisers will provide you with related technical, legal and business information. This will enable you tackle the phase zero of your project at a much faster and more efficient manner and take your first step having a better grasp of your project outlook.

Pre-launch Phase

·       Business Analysis

Our consultants will analyze your project and weigh up your options. They will share specialized market knowledge and information with you. You will receive a comprehensive guide tailored to your project which will assist you with your decision forward. We can also help you put together business plan and FS or analyze yours if you have one for better managing your business, minimizing business risks and cost of starting your business.

·       Partner and Project Search

With this service, we help you to identify and evaluate potential investees or investment projects including greenfield and brownfield projects also offer new investment opportunities via JV, M&A, Investment agreements, BOT, BOO, PPP, Franchise, Agency, Distribution on and other ways of co-operation that meets your budget, area of interest, previous experience, etc.


·       Legal Clarification

One of our services is providing local and international companies willing to establish a business in Iran, with a clear scheme of the applicable laws and regulations. Prior examination of the legal, fiscal and regulatory specifics in the local market forms the basis for an optimal market entry. To this end, you can receive answers regarding your legal inquiries from our local legal advisors. Our « Legal Guide aims to assist individuals and organizations wishing to invest in Iran by providing information on the legal environment in the country. This guide consists of information on a variety of legal topics that investors take into consideration throughout the investment process, such as

·       Foreign Investment Protection Law

·       Labor laws

·       Tax laws

·       Property rights

·       Business structures under Iranian law

·       Insurance laws Environmental laws

·       Competition law

·       Commercial laws

·       Immigration laws

·       Industrial and Free Zones laws

·       Public Procurement Regime

·       Protection of personal data

·       Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)


Beside all these, at the Center we also offer value-added special services package to local and international companies operating in different sectors. Our services range from advises on defining the right legal structure, assisting with the negotiations and consulting on different commercial contracts such as marketing agreements, licensing agreements, investment contracts, SHA agreements, agency agreements, non-competition and NDA agreement, EPC, JV, BOT, M&A and also dispute settlement agreements.


Launch Phase

·        Establishment

Benefiting from years of experience in several foreign investment projects in Iran, our professional team could facilitate the process of establishing your business and obtaining all the relevant licenses and certificates that are mandatory to register your business including FIPPA certificate. In this step, at the Center, we provide the following professional services:


·       Company registration

·       Brand registration

·       Due Diligence

·       Valuation Services

·       site selection

·       obtaining licenses and certificates

·       Comprehensive consulting advice on banking issues

·       Facilitating bank account opening

·       Legal advice on bank guarantees and letters of credit


Operation & Expansion Phase

Have you arrived in the market and would like to receive extra support or need to expand your business activities further? Whether you are planning a business event, or need support with different aspects of your business such as marketing, HR, M&A, etc. or need consultation on business expansion – we are here to help. We assist in managing your business and mitigate risks to achieve a valuable overall financial and operating performance and help deliver maximum business benefit. Along with the extensive relationships that the Chamber of Commerce has, we know the value and importance of outsourcing and use it to strengthen our capabilities. We, at the investment center have tried to provide you with the most comprehensive business services by taking advantage of this value. Our top-handed exclusive services at this step includes:

·       Auditing (Local and int. Accounting)

·       Due Diligence

·       HR and leadership

·       Corporate Governance

·       Public relations

·       Marketing & Branding

·       Visa and citizenship issues

·       Supply chain management

·       Warehouse management

·       Sponsoring

·       Customer relationship management

·       Company strategy

·       Investment management

·       Procurement management

·       International assignment

·       R&D


Together with our partners, we advise you free of charge and support you throughout the entire location evaluation and settlement process.

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