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Investment Opportunities in Transportation & Urban Development

  • The ancient country of Iran, with its glorious history and civilization, is at the verge of novel historic era, emanating from national security and stability and heralding new days of liaison and interaction with the world, where Iran would play a more significant role in the global community for confronting problems and building a better world for the humankind.
    The removal of sanctions and preparedness of Iran to promote transaction with the world have fostered abundant economic opportunities through which different countries can enjoy attractive profits while participating in the Iranian development process. The Iranian government , and the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development have paved the way for such cooperation, and measure such as promoting regulatory transparency, reducing governmental bureaucracy, referring interested parties to banks and the national development fund to receive facilities, awarding tax exemption, providing additional revenues and investment opportunities arising from using other facilities and services along projects, providing the sales of complementary services, equipment and parts, and ensuring investment security and guarantees are some of the incentives considered for investment in this sector . As a profitable industry, the Iranian transport sector can count as a favorable prospect for investors interested in business endeavors with sizeable profits and negligible risks.


Investment Opportunities in Transportation Infrastructures