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  • With sanctions lifted and a booming sector, Iran’s Insurance Market will be a pool of genuine opportunities for dear foreign investors and venturers

With a 16.8% nominal growth rate in 2015 rate , Iran’s insurance market with a revenue of over 240 trillion IRR ( 7.9 billion$)in 2015 , ranked 42nd in the world in terms of total premiums value.

$ 99.6 written premiums per capita, insurance industry constituted 2.08% of Iran’s GDP in 2015.
While life insurance constituted %12 of total insurance premiums, compulsory motorists’ third party insurance with 37%, and health insurance with 24% of written premiums, made up the largest lines of non-life insurance in 2014-15.

The growth of life insurance penetration rate from %0.08 to %0.21 in 2015, together with life insurance premiums anticipated to experience an annual growth, indicate the potential opportunities Iran’s market has to offer to dear investors.


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