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About Us

TCCIMA Introduction

Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines & Agriculture is the greatest economic organization of private sector of Iran and was established in 1976 with more than 16,000 active members.

TCCIMA most important visions:

- Enabling private sector to participate effectively in national economy
- To play effective role in infrastructure, economy growth, development and improving social welfare.
- To have cooperation with global economy through their counterparts in the world.
- Ease of doing business in private sector
- Developing domestic association and reducing the government intervention in economy
- Dissemination of relative information and provisions and necessary coordination.
- Research, investigation and collaboration to find business opportunities in Iran
- Centralize the relative domestic organizations and foreign agencies to absorb more foreign investors
- Providing necessary consultancies and legal training
- Providing business protocols with foreign chambers of commerce.

Mr. Khansari (Tehran Chamber of Commerce Chairman) message:

Since the 2nd century BC Iran has been at the heart of the Silk Road, facilitating trade and commerce as well as acting as a hub for exchange of ideas and knowledge between East and West. The wider frameworks that governed the region’s economic exchange for two millennia remain intact to this day.
Being the 18th largest economy worldwide, Iran is the final major market to be untouched by the global economy and has yet to reach its fullest potential in the international market.
It is our goal in the Tehran Chamber of Commerce to ensure that Iran’s natural as well as human resources are utilized fully to boost high economic growth, offering profitable opportunities to investors and creating jobs for the country’s youthful population.
Traditionally, the main focus of our trading partners has been the country’s natural resources, particularly those of oil, gas, and petrochemicals. While these resources are undoubtedly crucial to our economy and capable of creating a mutually beneficial scenario for our partners by offering greater diversification and security of supply, it is also imperative that more attention is paid to fostering the growth and development of the Iranian private sector, especially SMEs involved not only with the production of goods and services, but also with innovation and the development of new industries.
To this end, TCCIMA has formed an Investment Center comprising prominent members of the TCCIMA board with first-hand experience to facilitate contact between its members and their counterparts in the global ecosystem. The objective is to provide a vibrant platform for the exchange of ideas, sharing of experiences and development of new professional services apt to help foster new relations and partnerships which is imperative for the creation and successful realization of joint ventures, with the outlook of serving the interests of Iran as well as that of the region.
As the president of TCCIMA, I invite you to visit Iran and witness for yourself the opportunities our country has to offer as a basis for mutually beneficial co-operations.

Mrs. Mostofi’s message:

Iran's current economic environment is at a time of transition, as we are strongly looking forward to strengthening our mutual collaboration with international community to achieve economic growth, I'm delighted to say that TCCIMA has formed an investment promotion committee comprising prominent members of the TCCIMA boards with a good experience of the international business environment in order to accelerate economic relations with foreign investors by considering the following targets:
1. To be the “Voice of Business”.
2. To promote economic growth.
3. To provide value-added services to our members.
4. To excel as a member-driven organization.

It's our firm belief that a sustainable investment and development of the country is now achievable and business meetings can highlight Iran as a new center of globalization and provide insights on the best practices in extending our corporations.
We believe Iran offers a safe haven for investors seeking to create value for themselves whilst playing a part in the development of the Iranian economy.

Center Missions:

- To provide an efficient organization for streamlining and expediting the affairs of related foreign investment undertaking in Iran.
- Identify economic sectors with the greatest competitive advantages and promote and facilitate partnerships between Iranian companies and their international counterparts in order to develop them.
- Provide a platform for networking, co-operation, sharing and dissemination of ideas and information between our constituents and potential investors through seminars, B2B meetings and organization of trade missions
- Act as a consultant to potential investors on issues ranging from company and business law, foreign investment regulations, tax and social security
- Provide general market data and specific sector research
- Work with government ministries, agencies and organizations to expedite and pave the way for international partnerships
- Provide information and guidance to potential investors
- Act as a facilitator and coordinator for investors
- Outline Iran's current landscape for investment attraction, with regards to sectoral, regional and functional aspects, and launching it with the subject countries in different ways.
- With a view to Iran's economic structure, institutions, capabilities and other relevant factors, identify gaps, relative desired outcomes and mechanisms for information service provision and associated influences on investment decisions as well as foreign investor activities,
- Helping the investors and the local partners with necessary consultancy services to rich a joint agreement.
- Examine ways of optimizing conditions for both attracting investments and to do so on terms that could spur transfers of valuable technology and skills to Iran

In this regard we are also working with different organization such as international law firms and famous audit firms and investment services to develop a strategy for investment promotion in Iran. Thus it would be our pleasure to make some arrangements of joint venture program in Iran and we strongly recommend to establish in Iran.
Beside all these, In order to provide investment security and transparency (the two essential factors for attracting foreign direct investment) it is essential that both government and private sector cooperate effectively, and this requires the provision of a comprehensive strategic plan and systematic cooperation of both side. In this regard, Tehran Chamber and OETAI has signed an MOU with following missions and goals:
- Collect information on Brownfield projects and Greenfield projects
- Prioritize industries and economic sectors by regional potential area
- Create a comprehensive information system
- Ranking companies
- considering Green economy (through the application of environmental standards and other essential international standards )
- Implementing Single Window project
- Free zones and special economic reform

Today is a critical phase of country's economic history, so the aforementioned cooperation requires special attention.
It is essential for Iran to move fast to map the present fabric for information provision, how investors operate and how they are affected, identify what gaps exist and provide hands-on recommendations for how an effective Invest-in-Iran could and should be devised. It is essential that the private sector itself, and its chief arm, the Chamber of Commerce, adopts a leading role in defining the way forward.
The performance of the Committee is an effective step toward expediting the affairs of foreign investment undertakings. It is expected that further development of relations between the Center and foreign investors will increasingly enhance the efficiency of the Center in carrying out its assigned duties and responsibilities.
Our aim is to provide expert advice and services to foreign companies who wish to explore the Iranian market with an aim to enter this flourishing market. It is also to provide opportunities for Iranian companies with scope of global growth to expand beyond borders. Our emphasize is on assisting you to achieve sustainable compliance.