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About Us

TCCIMA Introduction

Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines & Agriculture (TCCIMA) is the greatest and oldest economic organization of private sector of Iran and was established in 1884 with more than 31,000 active members.

Dr. Mahmoud Najafi Arab’s (TCCIMA president) message:

For centuries, Iran has been a central player in the Silk Road, fostering trade, commerce, and the interchange of ideas and knowledge between the East and West. Despite being a large economy, Iran has yet to fully tap into its potential in the global market by actively engaging with the international community.
At the Tehran Chamber of Commerce, our objective is to ensure the utilization of Iran's vast potential, including its valuable human resources, to drive robust economic growth. We achieve this by providing enticing investment opportunities that generate job prospects and contribute to high economic expansion.
To this end, TCCIMA has established an Investment Center comprising esteemed members of the TCCIMA board, who bring firsthand experience to facilitate connections between our members and their counterparts in the global ecosystem. The primary aim of this initiative is to provide a dynamic platform for exchanging ideas, sharing experiences, and developing new professional services. This platform is crucial for fostering new relationships and partnerships, which are imperative for creating and successfully realizing joint ventures that serve the interests of Iran and the region.
As the president of TCCIMA, I extend a warm invitation to you to visit Iran and witness the abundant opportunities our country has to offer as a foundation for mutually beneficial collaborations.

Mrs. Mostofi’s (president of CENTER OF INVESTMENT AND CONSULTANCY SERVICES) message:

TCCIMA has been a key player in the private sector of Iran and plays a central role in attracting foreign investment and sustaining economic development. The Chamber effectively communicates with the competent official and private authorities and helps the private sector by all facilities aiming at creating a better climate for business in the country. To boost the country’s economic growth, there is need for a joint collaboration between Iran and other countries. In the center of investment and consultancy services, it is our aim to provide foreign and also domestic investors with services and facilitate their investing process in Iran on the one hand, and on the other, offer a platform to Iranian private sector to flourish and reach its potentials.
Today, Iran is in a critical phase in terms of its economic history and it is our firm belief in the Investment Center that through sustainable investment, economic development of our country is not out of reach. Extending its cooperation with the international community can help highlight Iran as a new market of global significance and provide insight into the best practices. It is essential for Iran to move fast to identify gaps and provide solutions for investment promotion and economic growth. To achieve this, the private sector itself, and its chief arm, the Chamber of Commerce, adopt a leading role in defining the way forward. In the series of brochures that the Center has accumulated, an introduction and insight into investment opportunities of various economic sectors of Iran has been provided which we look forward to sharing with you.

Center Missions

• To provide a platform for networking, cooperation, sharing and dissemination of ideas and information
• To provide consultation to investors on related issues (i.e. laws, regulations, tax, insurance, etc.)
• To outline different economic sectors’ landscape and introduce investment opportunities and projects
• To identify investment regulation gaps, and propose mechanisms for facilitating investment processes to the related government bodies
• To facilitate more active participation of the private sector in the global value chains
• To hold training courses related to finance and investment training purposes