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Afghans Invest $100 mn in Iran


 1 June 2021

Afghan investors invested nearly USD 100 mn in Iran last year, said Hussain Salimi, the chairman of the Iran-Afghanistan Joint Chamber of Commerce.

The volume of Afghan investment in Iran is increasing, and the shape and volume of the proposed demands have experienced a serious change.

Nearly a hundred investment licenses have been approved for Afghan investors.

The Afghan investment rate is expected to reach more than USD 150 mn this year.

Given the recent unrest in Afghanistan and the concerns raised in the country, many Afghans have moved their assets to Iran and other countries.

Much of the investments made by Afghans' are done in the field of machine-woven carpet production, textile, food products such as pickle, jam, tomato paste and so on and so forth in Razavi Khorasan Province. At the same time some are involved in the growth of all kinds of plants and greenhouse fruits.

It is worth noting that Afghan investments are aimed at providing the necessary items in their country and a large part of the products that are made as result of their investments are indeed exported to Afghanistan. Therefore, not only Afghan investors hold no threat to their Iranian counterparts in fact, their presence in Iran market is beneficial for the economy of both countries.