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Russian Investment Delegation in Aras Free Zone


10 June 2021

In a meeting held by Mohsen Nariman, board chairman and CEO of Aras Free Zone Organization and a foreign investor, the investment prospects in various areas including mining, mineral products, import and assembly of heavy mining machineries, and etc. were discussed.

This foreign investor emphasized that Aras Free Zone’s situation and its access to the national railway and its proximity to the Eurasian economic zone are the main reasons for choosing to make his investment in this area. He further expressed his interest in investing in assembling special mining machines.

At the end of this meeting, the Russian investment delegation, which has previously made investment in other Eurasian countries and Georgia which has led to employment of 2500 people in the processing of raw material extraction from mines and production of high - value - added products announced that it will start making investment in the Aras zone.

At present, this company is operating with some 500 people in major mines in the province, especially Varzaghan copper mine.


Source: Freena