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Empowering Iran's Economic Engagement: Tehran Chamber of Commerce and Organization for Investment Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran (OIETA) Join Forces at WIF 2023 with Collaborative Booth

 The Center of Investment and Consultancy Services (CIC) of TCCIMA showcased its active involvement in international economic forums by participating in the prestigious 8TH WORLD INVESTMENT FORUM (WIF) (16-20 October 2023). The event, held in Abu Dhabi, gathered global business leaders, policymakers, and investors to explore opportunities and foster economic cooperation.

In a significant collaboration, TCCIMA partnered with Organization for Investment Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran (OIETA) to establish a dedicated booth at the WIF. This joint effort aimed to promote Iran's investment potentials, highlight its vibrant business environment, and foster partnerships with international investors. TCCIMA’s booth at the WIF served as a platform to showcase Iran's diverse economic sectors, including industry, mining, energy, tourism, agriculture, health and more. The booth featured informative displays, specialized brochures, and networking opportunities, providing a comprehensive overview of the investment opportunities available in Iran.

Throughout the event, the collaborative booth received significant attention and attracted a wide range of participants, including potential investors, other chamber of commerce, industry experts, government officials from around the world and international organizations such as UNCTAD, WAIPA, AIM Congress, WAPPP, FAO, etc.  with whom TCCIMA representatives actively engaged with and shared insights on Iran's economic landscape and discussing potential areas of collaboration. TCCIM’s participation in the WIF 2023 and its partnership with the OIETA underscored the chamber's dedication to promoting Iran's business potential on the global stage. This initiative further strengthens the chamber's role as a catalyst for economic growth, facilitating fruitful connections between Iranian businesses and their international counterparts.

As the WIF concluded, the Tehran Chamber of Commerce expressed its enthusiasm for future collaborations and partnerships aiming to leverage the momentum gained at the event to further expand economic cooperation and attract foreign investment to Iran. Overall, the chamber's participation in the WIF 2023 and its collaborative booth highlighted Iran's commitment to fostering a favorable investment climate and showcased the country's immense potential for international investors.