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Unlocking Bilateral Potential: Ferial Mostofi's Call for Strengthening Iran-China Economic Cooperation at the First Iran-China Dialogue Forum

The importance of fostering connections between Iranian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and Chinese companies, enabling them to participate in value chains

 Ferial Mostofi addressed the important topic of the necessity of paying attention to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) for the advancement of economic relations with China during the inaugural Iran-China Think Tank Dialogue.

In a panel discussion titled "The Significance of Geoeconomics: Connectivity and Trade, Enhancing Investments, and Strengthening Resilient Supply Chains Based on Shared Interests," Ferial Mostofi, the President of Center of Investment and Consultancy Services of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, emphasized on the need to establish connections between Iranian SMEs and Chinese companies to actively participate in value chains.

The first Iran-China Think Tank Dialogue took place with the participation of experts and key stakeholders at the Center for Political and International Studies, of Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In her speech, Ferial Mostofi highlighted China's remarkable growth and development, leveraging its capacities, capabilities, and global opportunities. She also noted that the economic relations between Iran and China have consistently improved over the past four decades, with Beijing emerging as one of Tehran's foremost trading partners.

Expanding on China's foreign policy, which aims to encourage Chinese companies to explore strategic business opportunities abroad, Ferial Mostofi added valuable insights by pointing out that despite Iran's considerable potential for such investments Chinese capital has been diverted away from the Iranian market in recent years.

Mostofi emphasized that Iran and China need to deepen their economic cooperation and improve bilateral communication channels to strengthen their relations. However, she emphasized the importance of foresight on both sides to ensure long-term sustainability and address any concerns that may arise.

According to the member of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce's representative assembly, there are untapped potentials between Iran and China, despite their previous and ongoing economic cooperation. Iran, with its rich historical background, abundant resources, and untapped capacities, has the potential to actively participate in mutually beneficial collaborations with China. Such collaborations would lead to a win-win situation for both countries, fostering a positive outcome.

Highlighting Iran's immense potentials across multiple sectors such as energy, industry, tourism, healthcare, agriculture, and food, Ferial Mostofi continued by providing specific example of Iran's mining sector which accounts for nearly 7% of the world's total mineral reserves, with an estimated value of approximately $27.3 trillion and presents a significant opportunity for cooperation and development.

Ferial Mostofi further emphasized China's notable endeavors to elevate its global economic standing and enhance its involvement in global value chains. She underscored the importance of fostering connections between Iranian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and Chinese companies, enabling them to participate in value chains. To facilitate this collaboration, it is crucial to provide robust support through training, capacity building, and information sharing, showcasing the capabilities of Iranian businesses to Chinese counterparts. However, it is imperative for Chinese companies to demonstrate genuine commitment to actively engage in these partnerships.