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Standing in the second place in terms of gas reserves, and exports, and endowed with uncountable gifts in oil and gas fields, Iran is the paradise of investors, in the areas concerned. Iran’s primary source of foreign income, the Petroleum industry, produces about 4.3 percent(in 2016) of the world’s total crude oil (3.8 million barrels per day ), The oil and gas industry has been the engine of economic growth in Iran, directly affecting public development projects, the government’s annual budget, and most foreign exchange resources.

Last Central Bank figures indicates that the sector constituted about 28.5 percent of total government revenues . Iran exporting 1 ..8 million barrels of crude oil a day, ranked the 7th, amongst the members of Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), in 2015. Iran plans to reach a total amount of investment of over $ 500 billion in the oil sector, as of 2025. Some of the other points on the unique position of Iran in the world in terms of hydrocarbon reserves, are as follows:

 • Iran is endowed with 16.6% of the global oil reserves in 2015.• Iran owns about 16.6% of the total global natural gas reserves

• Current exploration projects of Iran will lead to a considerable increase in the country’s oil and gas reserves, in the near future

• 62 onshore oil fields, 16 offshore oil fields, 20 onshore gas fields, and 2 offshore gas fields, are currently in operation in Iran

• 26% of hydrocarbon reserves, and 50% of natural gas reserves, are located across Iran’s common borders with its neighbors at the same time



Overall Description of the Sector