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Overall Description of the Sector

Agriculture is a major economic sector in Iran, with a great potential for development. Since about 90% of the country's food requirements are met by domestic production, it has a huge share in the country's GDP (11.6%) as well as total employment (18%). According to an estimation made by McKinsey & Company, global management consulting firm, Iran's agricultural sector is going to grow by 4% annually and create an estimated number of 250,000 jobs by 2035.

Such growth would require about 7O$ Billion worth of investment which needs to be placed on both productivity improvements and adaptation of modern agricultural techniques and technologies. These efforts will need to be accompanied by careful management of water resources, which are scarce.

Iran is one of the top exporters of agricultural products (17.7% of Iran's total non-oil exports) in the region. Due to its proximity to a large regional market, that of its neighboring countries as well as Gulf countries, some of which lack any agricultural potential, and its adequate land and air transit infrastructure.

An important part of Iran's appeal is that it is a four-season country. Different climate zones that create diverse ecological foundations for agriculture when coupled with Iran's fertile and abundant soil and land offer unique agricultural opportunities throughout the country.


Iran Agriculture Sector Guide